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Why Use Expired Domains for Personal Blogging Networks (PBN)

Looking to start a Personal Blog Network (PBN) using Expired Domains? In this article we go though why to use them, what are good and bad domains and also how to Make Money from blogging using expired domains. What is a Expired Domain and Why Use It? A expired domain is a domain that hasn’t […]

How to Install Wordfence Security – Firewall & Anti Malware

Keeping secure these days is a must, thats why we like to use WordFence Security for its Firewall and Anti Malware Features. This will stop a variety of things including local Brute Force Attacks, and Malware within your WordPress files. Its one of the most advanced free plugins I have used for my Firewall and […]

Best WordPress Security Plugins To Increase Security

To keep yourself as safe as possible here at SeekaHost we have got the Best WordPress Security Plugins that you need to have on your WordPress site. These plugins will also work together really well as they will stop a number of attacks on your site. This includes: Brute Force Attacks Limiting Logins Attempts Stopping […]

Move WordPress Site to PBN Blog

How to migrate your entire WordPress site to a Private Blog Network for free using a few easy steps. Steps to Moving Your WordPress Site We have included this article as moving your WordPress site to a PBN site is slightly different and has a few move steps involved that moving your WordPress site to […]

How to Install and Use Matomo Analytics

Are you looking for a great new analytics plugin with loads of features and complete data control? Matomo Analytics is the plugin for you. What Is Matomo Analytics? Matomo is a great alternative to Google Analytics that is based on keeping yours and your customer data completely private. Matomo “With 100% data ownership you get […]

How to create a Blog on a WordPress Website?

Whether you already have experience with building a website on WordPress or someone did it for you, it is useful to learn and know how to create a blog on a WordPress website easily. I have set up many websites with blogs and it’s a very easy thing to do if you are using the […]

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